Migrations and Identities

Series editors:

Eve Rosenhaft

David Dolowitz

Kirsty Hooper

Michael Sommer

Johanna Waters

This series offers a forum and aims to provide a stimulus for new research into experiences, discourses and representations of migration from across the arts, humanities and social sciences. A core theme of the series will be the variety of relationships between movement in space – the ‘migration’ of people, communities, ideas and objects – and mentalities (‘identities’ in the broadest sense). It aims to address a broad scholarly audience, with critical and informed interventions into wider debates in contemporary culture as well as in the relevant disciplines. It will publish theoretical, empirical and practice-based studies by authors working within, across and between disciplines, geographical areas and time periods, in volumes that make the results of specialist research accessible to an informed, but not discipline-specific audience. The series is open to proposals for both monographs and edited volumes.

Advisory Board

Robin Cohen, ESRC Professorial Research Fellow, Department of International Development, University of Oxford

Gunther Dietz, Professor, Intercultural Education, Universidad Veracruzana, Xalapa

Monika Fludernik, Professor, Englisches Seminar, Albert-Ludwigs-Universität-Freiburg

Andrew Geddes, Professor of Politics, University of Sheffield

Eliga H. Gould, Associate Professor of History, University of New Hampshire

Amy Kaplan, Edward W. Kane Professor of English, University of Pennsylvania

Gerhard Langer, Professor, Centre for Jewish Culture History, Universität Salzburg

Walter D. Mignolo, William H. Wannamaker Professor of Literature and Romance Studies; Professor of Cultural Anthropology, Duke University

Alan Rice, Reader in American Cultural Studies, University of Central Lancashire

John Torpey, Professor of Sociology, CUNY

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The editors are currently inviting contributions for three volumes (proposals to be submitted by 1 May 2010). Please click on the link for further information.

Traces: The Material Residue of Migration

Staying: Obstacles to Migration

Staying the Same? Technology and the Negotiation of Migrant Identities