John (Yannis)  Goulermas    (Γιάννης Γουλέρμας)

Department of Computer Science

Ashton Building

University of Liverpool

Liverpool  L69 3BX

United Kingdom

Contact information:

  1. BulletEmail:

  2. BulletTelephone: ++44 (0)151 794 4520

  3. BulletWebsite:

research interests:

  1. BulletMachine learning and pattern analysis.

  2. BulletData visualisation.

  3. BulletMathematical modelling and optimisation.

  4. BulletImage/signal analysis.

Application interests:

  1. BulletBiomedical engineering/imaging.

  2. BulletBioinformatics.

  3. BulletText analytics.

  4. BulletIndustrial monitoring and control.

  5. BulletSecurity and nuclear forensics.

  6. BulletChemical and material sciences.


  1. BulletIndustrial grant on security, 2018-2021.

  2. BulletInnovate UK, Knowledge Transfer Partnership on conveyancing, 2018-20.

  3. BulletMRC, MR/L01078X/1, Supporting evidence-based public health interventions using text mining, 20014-17.

  4. BulletIndustry, Automated image analysis systems for industrial monitoring and control, 20010-13.

  5. BulletEPSRC, EP/H020764/1, Mobile energy harvesting systems, 2009-11.

  6. BulletEPSRC, EP/E004156/1, An automated image analysis and measurement system for video-fluoroscopic evaluation of swallowing dysfunctions, 2007-09.

  7. BulletNEAT, G002, Development of a clinically user friendly device to measure posture, 2006-09.

  8. BulletEPSRC / KSSRetail, CASE CNA Ph.D. studentship award, Optimisation methods in pricing and revenue management, 2007-10.

  9. BulletEPSRC, EP/D034531/1, Enhanced management and performance for a sustainable UK energy infrastructure, 2006-10.

  10. BulletVarious smaller industrial funds.

External Appointments / memberships:

  1. BulletAssociate Editor for the IEEE Transactions on Neural Networks and Learning Systems.

  2. BulletSenior Member IEEE.


  1. BulletPh.D., Control Systems Centre, EE&E, University of Manchester (UMIST), 2000.

  2. BulletM.Sc. by Research, Control Systems Centre, EE&E, University of Manchester (UMIST), 1996.

  3. BulletB.Sc. Computer Science (Hons, I), University of Manchester (UMIST), 1994.

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