Taurus mountains 1999


Juniper-fir-oak forest on the north-facing slopes of the Taurus



Dwarf oak shrubs in the juniper-fir forest



Maple tree in fir-cedar forest



Tall juniper tree (Juniperus excelsa)



Cedars of Lebanon (Cedrus libani) at Taurus



Black pine-evergreen oak forest on the south-facing slopes of the Taurus



Pine forest on the south-facing slopes of Taurus




Dense, impenetrable riverine forest on the Antalyan coast (Olympus):

(note the abundance of climbers and the concentrations of deadwood on the forest floor)




Goats browsing on ash-tree leaves at the border of the gallery forest



Open vegetation near the river consisting of reeds and (on drier ground) of pines


  Eleni Asouti, 2006

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