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I'm Reader in Post-genome Bioinformatics in the Institute of Integrative Biology at the University of Liverpool.  I explore the sequences, structures and evolutionary histories of proteins to shed light on aspects of their functions not evident from BLAST. I'm particularly interested in structure modelling and our program AMPLE (published here, here, here and here) uses unconventional models for Molecular Replacement.  You can see examples of my recent work below (click on the images for details). You can also click here to go directly to a complete list of publications. Information about my teaching and current grants is best accessed through my page on the School's website. Feel free to contact me on or on (0044) 151 795 4467.

This book which I edited is published by Springer         book cover

Self-funded applicants are always welcome to apply to join us.  Currently, you will likely be eligible for a fees bursary! You might work on AMPLE, use new modelling methods to predict protein function, or study antimicrobial peptides for example. Just send me an e-mail to enquire. The Institute is an interesting and lively place to work in. The University maintains a list of relevant scholarships here.

New! We have found that our program, AMPLE (part of CCP4) works spectcularly well for solving coiled-coil crystal structures by Molecular Replacement. This work, largely by Jens Thomas, has been published here in IUCr J., and is the subject of a commentary here.

ab initio/MR
Motif and domain based genome mining of trypanosomatid Pex13
Mining the Pfam DUFome for DNA-binding proteins with ab initio modelling
Ab initio model structure-based function annotation of SpoVS
Ab initio modelling mines novel MIT domains from borderline BLAST hits
AMPLE: Molecular Replacement using unconventional models
Conservation mapping elucidates the function of cytolytic toxins
The DxDxDG calcium-binding motif
The BACON domain