Local Models for Spatial Analysis
Christopher D. Lloyd


Supplement to the book





This web page provides links to some material to supplement that provided in the book Local Models for Spatial Analysis (CRC Press). The first edition was published in 2006, and the substantially revised and expanded second edition in 2010 (but dated 2011). The book introduces the concepts of local spaces and local models for the analysis of spatial data. The range of methods covered includes image filters, wavelets, measures of spatial autocorrelation, spatial and local regression (including geographically weighted regression), spatial prediction (including thin plate splines and geostatistical approaches) and point pattern analysis. 


The material available is summarised below:


·         Errata, typos and points of clarification:

-       First edition

-       Second edition

·         Worked examples document: links to example data and guidance for applying the examples

·         Reviews

-       First edition

·         Links to relevant websites (please suggest additions!)


Please send any comments on the book (including any errors you have noticed) to Chris Lloyd at c.d.lloyd@liverpool.ac.uk. This is intended as an organic document and if there’s anything you think should be added to the supplementary material, please let me know.



Last updated 19th September 2012