Homological Projective Duality Seminar

Fall 2012

We will start with an introduction to derived categories and then we will move on to the recent work of Kuznetsov on Homological Projective Duality.

Speakers' meeting: October 2, 3:30pm, room 005.
Schedule: Every other Tuesday, 4-6pm
First talk: October 16, 4pm

Some introductory material on derived categories:

The papers of Kuznetsov we will be looking at:

Tentative Schedule:

Day Speaker Title References
October 16 Ada Boralevi Triangulated Categories Huybrechts, Verdier
October 30 Giangiacomo Sanna Introduction to Derived Categories Huybrechts, Verdier
November 23
Alice Rizzardo Derived Functors and the Derived Category of Coherent sheaves Huybrechts, Verdier
November 27 Fabio Tanturri Semiorthogonal Decompositions
A full exceptional collection on P^n
Huybrechts 8.27-8.29
Caldararu 3.1-3.2
HPD p.161ff.
December 11 Mattia Pedrini Lefschetz Decompositions and statement of Homological Projective Duality HPD p.174ff.
January 15 Giangiacomo Sanna Homological Projective Duality - What, How and Who