Working seminar on Hodge theory

Spring 2020

Hodge theory is a beautiful and powerful subject, and the algebraic geometry prerequisites are minimal.
We will follow Voisin's book, Hodge Theory and Complex Algebraic Geometry I. It is available in electronic form via the University of Liverpool library website.

This is intended as a friendly learning seminar; we will take the time to introduce the foundational material and discuss examples. I have a timeline for the first part of the seminar, but feel free to put forward suggestions for additional topics. Everybody is welcome!

The seminar will be held virtually on Teams. The team name is "Working seminar on Hodge theory". Please email me if you need the team link.

Schedule: Wednesday 4-5pm
First talk: April 22, 2020

Tentative Schedule: (also availabe on the Liverpool algebraic geometry Google calendar)

Day Speaker Title
April 22 Alice Reminder on holomorphic funtions
April 29 Rhys Complex manifolds and vector bundles, almost complex structures
May 6 Sam del and del bar, the Dolbeaut complex
May 13 Aeran Hermitian and Kaehler metrics
May 20 Thomas Kaehler metrics and connections, part I
May 27 Thomas Kaehler metrics and connections, part II
June 3 Felix Cohomology and de Rham theorems
June 10 Tom The Hodge decomposition and some consequences
June 17 Thomas Proof of the Hodge decomposition theorem