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I have always given a strong commitment to my learning, teaching and assessment responsibilities, and where possible have integrated my teaching with pedagogic research.

Throughout my time at Liverpool I have been in the vanguard of innovative developments, typically supporting these through grants. I have disseminated this work within my department, the university and internationally. I have a strong interest in the delivery of low stakes formative e-assessments, and high-stakes summative e-assessments.

I was awarded a University of Liverpool Teaching Fellowship in 2000 and 2001, and proposed for a National Teaching Fellowship in 2002. Though unsuccessful in the latter, the referees regarded me as ".being strongest in the area of demonstrating your impact on the wider national community of teachers and learners in higher education.".

Currently I am experimenting with the University of liverpool virtual learning environment (VLE) know as VITAL. This is based on the Blackboard™ VLE system.

Current module responsibilities:

  • EOSC135 - Key skills for geologists 1
  • EOSC137 - Minerals and the microscope
  • EOSC247 - Deep Earth mineralisation system
  • EOSC249 - Key skills for geologists 2
  • EOSC803 - Mapping and advanced field techniques in geology and geomorphology
  • EOSC806 - Key skills for geology and physical geography 2
  • EOSC365 - Mineral deposits in space and time

In addition, I teach on other field classes and supervise final year projects.