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Animation summarizing our work

The images in the top bar are (left to right): a mandrill (by Malene Thyssen), stained telomeres, DNA capillary sequencing, endothelial cells, 3D structure of the ras protein, a C. elegans roundworm, cell undergoing mitosis, immunofluorescence of the hypothalamus, and Charles Darwin. On the main image (again from left to right): a 3D plot of microarray data, a microarray, human embryonic stem cell colonies (by Nissim Benvenisty from PLoS), and an agarose gel (by TransControl), all over a DNA multiple alignment.

Keywords: Bioinformatics; Cell & Molecular Biology; Evolution; Genetics; Longevity; Machine Learning; Senescence; Systems Biology

Our lab is grateful for funding from:
WT EMBO Marie Curie Royal Society LEF EMF
BBSRC MRC EC FP6 Leverhulme Trust TGAC Immortality Institute
Horizon 2020 FCT CIMA EC FP7 Methuselah Foundation Arthritis Research UK

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