The University of Liverpool  

17th British Organic Geochemical Society Meeting

14-15 July 2005

Organic Biogeochemistry Group, Earth and Ocean Sciences Department, University of Liverpool
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University of Liverpool
The Herdman Building: Earth and Ocean Sciences

On behalf of our Liverpool team we would like to thank you again for your attendance in BOGS 2005. The quality of the talks and posters was outstanding and I am sure that we all benefited from this informal and cosy (we hope), but very interesting meeting.

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Abstract titles, timetable and full abstracts (pdf - 224kB) on line.

See you next year at the Open Univeristy, Milton Keynes!

Ocean Sciences Nicholson Building
RRS Discovery: often joined by OBG scientists
The cold water coral Lophelia pertusa
Sampling particulate material: in situ pumps ready to be deployed

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