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Total Sediment Transport Rate Predictions in Wave-Current Sheet Flow with Graded Sand


This EPSRC funded poject represents a tripartite partnership between the University of Liverpool (UL), the University of Wales, Bangor (UWB) and the University of Aberdeen (UA). The project aims to improve engineering prediction and physical understanding of sediment transport in combined wave and current conditions in the sheet flow regime for situations in which the bed comprises a mixture of sand grain sizes. The contribution of UL is to develop new wave-current sheet flow computer models and obtain unique oscillatory sheet flow laboratory data with UA. The UL modelling activities are divided into simple engineering level and sophisticated numerical modelling. New and existing data will be used together with the sophisticated computer modelling results to systemise understanding of ' convective' sediment entrainment events at flow reversal and the end results will be used in the project by UWB. The UL engineering level model of the mean sediment transport component will represent grain mixtures and be combined with algebraically parameterised intra-wave period sediment transport results of UWB to yield a simple and practical sediment transport formula suitable for field conditions.


The duration of the Project is for 36 months, starting from 1st April 2001


The total funds for Liverpool is 115,246 under contract no GR/R23596

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Aberdeen Oscillatory Flow Tunnel


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